Our mission at Maui Fantastic Tours and guide is to treat our visitors and tourists to an Exclusive Private tour with VIP Services, while they enjoy the wonders and beauty of Maui. We ensure that the safety of our tourist is a top priority and that is why we carefully plan out our tours, so that our tourist would feel relaxed and at ease while they unwind and enjoy the wonders of Maui.

Our primary goal is for you to enjoy the love, excitement and beauty of this part of the world and experience the Maui life, while savoring every moment, beauty, splendor and magic of this part of the world.

We have well trained drivers who understands the route and all the curves, so you have no fear with us. There are some roads, rental cars are not allowed to pass through but as a tour guide company, we have free access to all the routes, this allows us to take you through all the best routes that will give you a lasting experience. Also the Maui roads are not easy for those that are not familiar with them.

Take advantage of our unbeatable price, the good part about our tour is that everybody is a VIP member in our tour. You get to enjoy the value for every penny you pay, providing value is top priority to us. We don't just collect your money, but rather we give you and your group the comfort and attention you deserve. Enjoy your private Maui Experience, designed for you and your group.

Oscar Parker is the founder and owner of the company, he always makes it to the tour, we don't make last minute changes to our tour guides. We do not charge separately for VIP because everybody on our tour is treated as a VIP member. You can also take advantage of our unbeatable price online by making your reservations online, it is safe and fast. Oscar Parker understands the road so much, that he remains the only one that can make a full tour a day. A visit to Maui is a visit to paradise, so come enjoy the splendor.

Our tour is exclusively private and VIP for all tourists, maximum satisfaction is guaranteed at all times. We have a good reputation in the community. Mr. Oscar lives here so he understands the locals and has built Maui tour guide over the years with credibility, You're perfectly safe with us, as a Certified Hawaii State PUV License we don't just do what we feel like doing, we're controlled and regulated under the Hawaiian law. Secondly, our vehicle has a commercial Insurance and General Liability, they are in perfect shape. Our payment gateway online is safe and secured for you, and it is Certified and powered by Fare Harbor. At Maui, Paradise awaits you, so make it a date and let's be your guide.

Book your private Maui Tour via the below links any questions please email us to [email protected] will be a pleasure to serve you.