What’s the difference between tours with Maui Fantastic Tours and tours with other Maui tour companies ?

Maui Fantastic Tours is a small business that specializes in Private Customized Tours of Maui . Our tours are always privately run with only your group of up to 7 people . Maui Fantastic Tours was founded by and is run by Oscar Parker Manzano who is a longlife resident . His high education got a degree in business & worked for American companies mostly in Europe and States also world travel and deeply understand of the customs of people of Polynesia and his passion for Universal and Hawaiian History , Geography, Sociology , Art , and culture in general is a extra mile & gem to you and his hilarious attitude and good speaker he makes you feel a longtime friend . Our tours are uniquely designed to get you to the places that other tour companies don’t . We pride ourselves on sharing some of Maui’s wonders hidden locations to ensure that your experience of Maui is from a Local’s point of view . We get out of the vehicle at all of the important beautiful lookouts and take you to areas that other Maui tour companies drive right pas . And our vehicle are the best in his clase Toyota Sequoia V8 4 by 4 easy to climb and down hills and safety for Maui’s road also reliable & comfortable .

What do I need to bring on my Maui Tour?

When coming on your Maui Tour, you are advised to come along with your; Protective Sandals, Footwear, Water Shoes, Swimsuits, Towels and some extra clothes. Also make sure that all your devices are charged, like your cell phones, camera battery, GoPro, iPad etc.

Is “Maui Tour” fit for people of all ages?

Our tour is customized to fit the need and desire of you and your kids. Kids over the ages of seven ‘7’, can freely participate on our tours

Do you provide meals?

Yes! We offer tourist light breakfast, with fresh water and drinks that suites your tour package. In addition to this, there are several spots and grocery stores where you can buy rich organic foods.

What happens if it rain on the day of my tour?

The weather does not affect our tour, whether it rains or not. So we encourage our clients to check the local weather forecast and dress accordingly.

What happens if I am late for my tour?

You’re advised to put everything in order and be ready at least fifteen minutes (15min) before your tour departure time, because any customer that misses his departure time and thereby misses his tour will not be refunded. So it is your responsibility to make sure that you are there and ready at the appointed time for departure.

Book yout Maui Private Tour via the below links or call to us at (808)-633-2743 to make a Reservation