When coming on your Maui Tour, you are advised to come along with your; Protective Sandals, Footwear, Water Shoes, Swimsuits, Towels and some extra clothes. Also make sure that all your devices are charged, like your cell phones, camera battery, GoPro, iPad etc.

Our tour is customized to fit the need and desire of you and your kids. Kids over the ages of seven ‘7’, can freely participate in our tour.

Maui Fantastic Tour does not cater for your meal. But there are several spots on your way that sells local meals, fruit snacks etc.

In spring and summer, you are expected to bring along your shorts, shirts, light jacket and tennis shoes. While in fall and winter, you are advised to bring your regular jacket, pants, tennis shoes, ‘gloves, If you are sensitive to cold weathers’.

NO! What we do is that we only show you the best part of the Hana tour road and we will reach to exact half the length of the road. We show you selected parts of the road that will make your tour an adventure. This includes an opportunity to swim, see waterfalls, light trial and a stop at some secret and wondrous places…

After the tour at Hana Tour, you can still have enough time to do other activities, go for shopping and choose to relax at your place.

* It takes a minimum of eight (8) hours driving.
* There are 700 hundred turn spins and they are very sharp and narrow.
* There are 102 narrowed bridges.

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