Rainbow Trees and Swimming in the Waterfalls

If you are looking to have a “out of the world” experience in this world, there’s one place to go – MAUI! If you have never been to Hawaii, you might not believe that a place like Maui exists. Hawaii is such a mood on its own, but Maui, is like heaven in comparison to other parts of Hawaii.Two of the most alluring features of Maui are the Rainbow Trees and the Waterfalls.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree (also called Eucalyptus deglupta, the Mindanao Gum or the Rainbow Gum tree) is particularly found on the road to Hana. When you see this tree from afar, the colors would attract you. You might even comment that it is such a beautiful painting, only for you to get close to see that it is actually the natural color of the tree!!

How on earth is that possible? We have been able to discover that this happens when the bark of the tree is shed every year. It gives different natural colors that are extremely appealing to the eyes. They are sparsely spread across Maui, but they are most easily found on the road to Hana, especially when you are with our tour guide. Hana ho!

The Waterfalls in Maui are unavoidable. They are located at strategic locations across the Island. It is said that if you have not had a jump in one of the waterfalls, you have not had the complete Maui experience. The amazing thing is that you have an array of waterfalls to choose from. The waters are quite soothing and relaxing such that feeling them on your body while swimming a relieve you of months of accumulated fatigue! Many of the waterfalls are located in places where you can see animals, hear birds and even see turtles in the same waters.



Some of these waterfalls include, Alelele Falls, Twin Falls, Pools of ‘Ohe‘o (Seven Sacred Pools), Lower, Puohokamoa Falls, Wailua Falls, Makahiku Falls, Waimoku Falls, Honokohau Falls, Makapipi Falls, Makamaka‘ole Falls and many others.

If it was not in your plans to visit Maui, the best time to start planning towards it is now because you would never have such experiences anywhere else.

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