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    Posted by Jim Chris| June 25, 2017 |Reply

    An excellent tour with exceptional guide, who was a full history book on the way. This was a great experience that I will not forget in a hurry. The best part was an opportunity to the see the Hookipa Surf Spot and Turtle Town where we had the opportunity of swimming. I loved the tour.

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      Posted by Oscar Manzano| June 27, 2017 |Reply

      Thanks Jim.

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    Posted by Edgar Lara| August 11, 2017 |Reply

    Very nice experience, my wife and I took one of the VIP tours to go to Haleakala and other popular spots of Maui, our Tour Guide, Oscar was ver attentive and fun, he made our experience even better, very recommendable.

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      Posted by Oscar Manzano| August 30, 2017 |Reply

      Thank you very much Lara.

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    Posted by John V.| August 23, 2017 |Reply

    Maui Fantastic Tours was amazing from start to finish in the planning our perfect family vacation to Maui. Absolutely awesome experience – better than we imagined!

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    Posted by Steven Adam| August 25, 2017 |Reply

    We had the most spectacular vacation and it was due to Maui Fantastic Tour guide, they took their time to show us the best tour sites in Maui. I and my team had the best times of our lives bonding and getting to know each other as we enjoyed our tour.

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      Posted by Oscar Manzano| August 25, 2017 |Reply

      Thank you very much.

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    Posted by Jessica Daniel| August 27, 2017 |Reply

    Hana Road is an experience I will never forget, I was full of excitement as I saw the whole scenery up-close, the mountains, the beach, the road rides, words are not just enough to describe the experience. The road to Hana tour at Maui by the Maui Fantastic Tours guide was simple exceptional. Sure coming again.

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    Posted by Fred Collins| October 8, 2017 |Reply

    We had our family best time out together ever. Thumbs up to the Maui Fantastic Tour guide, he rocks. He made us feel so special on out tour, showing us all the wonderful places in Maui. We really enjoyed our time at twin falls, turtle town and ioa valley. My son kept talking about our tour experience, all because of Maui Fantastic Tour planning.

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    Posted by Jim Chris| October 12, 2017 |Reply

    Being staying at Hawaii but I never knew there were wonderful places and spots to relax and have fun, until I went on a tour to maui. Maui Fantastic Tour you guys nailed it. Thanks.

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    Posted by John Bells| October 17, 2017 |Reply

    This is the best tour we have ever had – and we have been on many. Our tour guide was sooooo knowledgeable. He just made the trip worth it. Maui Tours was one of a kind. The Sea Turtle were amazing.

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    Posted by Patricia Christopher| October 22, 2017 |Reply

    The two day tour of the West and East of Maui made my whole tour experience special. We went to several sightseeing locations, had an opportunity to enjoy the best of Maui tour. Thanks to my tour guide who gave us all ample time to take some photos and have a nice swim.

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    Posted by Alani ioane| October 26, 2017 |Reply

    I had a wonderful time as I had expected with and thanks to the Maui Tour guide, he was very friendly to everyone on the tour ride. I hope to come for a tour again very soon.

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    Posted by Sharon Maxwell| November 2, 2017 |Reply

    After this experience, I must say that Maui has some of the best tour sites in the world I can’t wait to come for another tour, but this time around with my family and friends. I enjoyed my Maui Tour.

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    Posted by Brian Blake| January 1, 2018 |Reply

    Oscar and his team made our tour eventful, we had so much fun. It was more like a family trip with Oscar and his team, helping me out with everything I needed during my stay at Maui. Thanks, guys.

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    Posted by Peter Nguyen| January 22, 2018 |Reply

    The tour that was guided by Oscar was great! We really enjoyed it, Oscar took us all around Maui, the sceneries in Maui were
    beautiful. Each lolation where he stopped he gave historical and anecdotal information about so many different things.
    He answered many questions, gave great directions and suggestions for our future journeys too.
    Thanks Oscar

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    Posted by Regina| January 24, 2018 |Reply

    Hi everyone! I’m from Russia! I’ve been just one day in Maui and I spent all day enjoing the beautiful tour with gorgeous Oscar Manzano! Me and my friend Katerina saw amazing nature of Maui, we enjoyed the beach, it was fun and memorable! Thank you Oscar so much!

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      Posted by Oscar Manzano| January 28, 2018 |Reply

      Hello Regina, Thank you very much for write a review on my website. I was very happy to guide you in Maui. Thank you again.

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