We appreciate and value the patronage of our clients which makes us give them VIP treatment and this is what is lacking in other tour company where their clients are given ordinary services. For us as a tour guide company, we go above and beyond just any regular service for the purpose of making you feel happy, relaxed and comfortable on your tour.


* If you would like to enjoy your special drinks which we do not offer in our package, you can visit Safeway Kahului Maui online and place your order. We will do the pickup for you and it will be ready for you on the day of your tour.

* The food we provide are all organic, we also provide drinks. The cups, spoons, fork and napkins we provide are all brand new and biodegradable. We also provide you with after food antiseptic and mouth refreshing candy.

* The cars we use make your tour experience the merrier. We put at your service our Toyota Sequoia SUV 5 speed automatic with AC front and rear. V8 and V4 wheel drive both powerful and strong, which climbs up and down a hill, with good stability when it takes the sharp curves on Maui’s road. Our cars go where others dare not, and that speaks of quality.

* We also include in our package a collectible DVD (One per couple) of Maui Fantastic Tours with over 100 photos from our gallery.

* There is an ice cooler that is stocked with fresh water, drinks and food that is included in your tour package. There is also a room that will accommodate your favorite drinks.

* There is a dual USB Port In the car and a portable power where you can boot your phone battery when it runs down.

* We’ve got you covered even when you misplace your glasses we can get you one, either male or female you’ve no worries. We also have good brands like Maui Jim and Ray Ban and also a universal removal for eye prescription glasses.

* Pool stick, fish photos and universal adapter are sold for all cell phone brands.

* Universal accessories kits for Go Pro or action camera. We also carry extra battery which can be attached. There is also a universal kit for lens eye fish, long distance and width angle, and also a universal adapter for your devices.

* Binocular spy glasses to see far.

* We also carry along AID kit as part of our safety measures.

* There is Sun blocker, repellent, and sea butter for your skin if you need.

* We have a 40 count wipe package.

* App Star Tracker is available, but only for Majestic Volcano Tours.

* We share our videos, photos with you so could see on the road.

* We also make Maui Fantastic Tours’ company certificate to you in accordance with the tour policy.

* We provide a balance pool stick for hike or light trial if you need.