Your tour guide, who is also the founder of Maui Fantastic Tours, is a lifelong resident of Maui. He acquired a degree in Business Administration and worked as a salesman for some years in some American Companies in Europe, where he learnt about different cities, cultures, customs, and museums. His passion for history has increase ever since then. He is well traveled having worked for so many companies in different parts of the world.

The beauty of Hawaii Islind and all his wonders and vegetation has attracted his attention which made him to choose Maui as a place where he wilt reside, particularly because of the beauty. After Oscar Parker Manzano decided to stay here, he went ahead to learn about the Hawaii Island and traveled through all the eight (8) Islands. He also made a very good relationship with the Big Kahuna (Hawaiian for High Priest), who is a descendant from the blood Royal Line and that gave him the opportunity to enter into the forbidden Island of Niihau and learn everything about the customs of Hawaiians known to only locals.

He knows all the routes in Maui from the North, South, East and West and his experience as a top hiker to big pic and rolling hills has made him one that can explore the very rare routes in the jungle, rain forest and discover secret places only few residents know. He is good in swimming, windsurfing, and horse riding. He is a very educated, cultured and an excellent speaker. His passion to show forth Maui history and its wonders is a plus to your tour, you won't get bored in about 7 to 8 hours that the tour will last, because you will want to hear more from his bank of knowledge not just about the Hawaii culture and places but also because of how well he will weave the different history, arts, museum etc of the world together and how the universal history and events all link together. So you get can't bored when you're on a tour with him as your guide.

He has a clean driving record, and this is also a plus when he takes you on a tour because you can be rest assured that he will be careful on the wheel

Get the benefit of enjoying personalized Maui experience with Oscar. We don't give you a different tour guide, he personally take tourist to different tourist sites and visits. So take advantage of our low affordable price today, with no special VIP charge, because at Maui Fantastic Tour everybody is a VIP and as such treated as one. Welcome to Maui the land of Wonders


The vehicles we use for our tour include Toyota Sequoia, Full size SUV, S door 4.7, L273hp, V8 four-wheel drive, AC in the front and rear, 5 Speed automatic. Our cars can easily climb up hill and maneuver the not so smooth roads. It is stable when passing through those narrow and sharp curves and our cars can easily go where others cannot go on the Maui Road. Our vehicle is strong, reliable and more comfortable on these roads than any other brands and it cannot be compared to any kind of minivan such as Toyota Siena or Honda Odyssey.

Book your private Maui Tour via the below links any questions please email us to [email protected] will be a pleasure to serve you.