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Adventures that fill your Soul !
We Perform Safety Health & Security for our Guest. We carry Maximum 11 Passengers in our Vehicles! Our Staff and Tour Guides currently Vaccinated !
Adventures that fill your Soul !
We Perform Safety Health & Security for our Guest. We carry Maximum 11 Passengers in our Vehicles! Our Staff and Tour Guides currently Vaccinated !
Adventures that fill your Soul !
We Perform Safety Health & Security for our Guest. We carry Maximum 11 Passengers in our Vehicles! Our Staff and Tour Guides currently Vaccinated !











Enjoy a fun-filled snorkeling experience on our wonderful UNDERWATER Pristine SAFETY Water Scooter Tour. It will be nothing like you’ve ever seen before. Maui Fantastic Tours is giving our distinguished tourists the opportunity to explore and experience the magnificent beauty of South Maui Beach and its pristine clear waters with our advanced safety-conscious underwater scooter.

You will get to appreciate the adorable wonders of marine life, and get to see various sea creatures, plants, animals, and organisms that live on the sea. Our advanced safety-conscious underwater scooter is very easy to drive and play with and will guarantee you up to 40 MINUTES of battery life, meaning 40 minutes of fun, play, and water entertainment. A lot of fun, right? Yes, you read right. You can scoot from one point to the other; skidding on top of the beautiful ocean and feeling the pleasure of warm sea waters as well as swim by the side of the Hawaiian green sea turtle. Rest assured, it will be a breathtaking experience.

This tour also involves hike around and exploration KEPANIWAI Rivers and gardens also as historic immigrants gardens your witness of magnificent Rilke coster mountains. 

Our guide will bring you to a hidden gem where regular tourists or even other tour companies never reach or visit. Maui Fantastic Tours are the only tour company that bring you to this location with this exclusive tour. You’ll be witnesses to the spectacular green rollercoaster mountains, well-forested with lots of ever blossoming blueberries and blue Ryan guava trees as well as a diversity of birds and animals. If you’re adventurous and love to explore exotic locations while enjoying all that the rain forest has got to offer, then you certainly do not want to miss this tour package.

But the fun continues on the Kepaniwai River ponds where you will have a refreshing dip in the crystalline and pristine clean waters coming down from the mountains, enabling you to refresh and unwind into the river while keeping it clean and fresh at all times.

We promise to make this tour a safe, fun and exciting one that you will not forget in a hurry. Our exclusive Snorkeling Underwater Scooter & Rivers will afford you the opportunity to see Mother Nature as it is, both on land and in the sea . Maui Fantastic Tours invites you to experience this exclusive VIP adventure first hand and enjoy the best of Maui.


Duration : 5 Hours Tour 

Departure Point : At main door Whole Foods Supermarket located 70 E Kaahumanu Av Kahului 96733

Appointment Time : 6:45 AM

Departure Time : 7:00 AM

Return Details : Returns to original departure point

What's Included

  • Fresh Cold Water unlimited
  • Gatorade Unlimited
  • Ice Coffee or Green Tea
  • Chips
  • Company present back pack and post card one for booking
  • Protein organic bar unlimited
  • Vehicle brand new Ford Transit panoramic windows and USB ports to charge devices.
  • AC Front middle an rear
  • Equipment with  stereophonic music, Satellite for burnishes Bose & Spotify.


all pricing

1 Guest   : $187
2 Guests : $377
3 Guests : $567
4 Guests : $747
5 Guests : $937
6 Guests : $1127
7 Guests : $1307
8 Guests : $1497
9 Guests : $1687
10 Guests : $1877
11 Guests : $2057


Additional Info

  • Amazing 40-minute rides around the sea on our advanced safety-conscious underwater scooter.
  • Wonderful hikes around the IAO Valley habitat—exploring the rollercoaster mountains, trees, and pristine clear waterfalls.
  • A trek to the historic IAO Needle where the last battle of Kamehameha against the army of Kahului took place.
  • Swimming in the refreshing pools beneath the waterfalls.
  • Rich knowledge about the natural environment of the waterfall from our experienced tour guides.
  • Hikes under breathtaking blossoms of blueberry trees and magnificent mountains in the IAO Valley, you to explore the tourist environment.
  • Visit the best landmarks and reminisce about the interesting stories behind this historic place from our fantastic tour guides.
  • Safety at its best guaranteed.
  • This tour required 5 travelers to operate.
  • Small group maximum 11 travelers.
  • No for person with back problems or knees.
  • No for person with heart discomfort, high or low pressure.
  • Hiking waterproof shoes with good traction as keen, teva or other similar brand * Personal towels, double clothing shirt, short, and one par sandals.
  • Confirmation will be received at time of booking.
  • Not wheel chair accessible
  • This tour activity will have maximum of 11 travelers 
  • Suitable for teens from 12 years old up to 55 years old in GOOD SHAPE!
  • Hiking Difficulty moderate 50-100
  • Hiking shoes or good traction Recommend or water shoes as keen or other similar brand.
  • Elevation gains 1,550 feet. 


  • Underwater pristine Safety scooter one per couple. 
  • Visit the most pristine soft beach, clear waters, marine life.
  • Breathtaking sceneries, ocean Molokini Volcano crater, Haleakala Volcano.
  • Brand new vehicle panoramic windows, AC front middle and rear.
  • luxury Vehicle equipment with Stereophonic satellite music Bose & Spotify for business,  USB charge spots. 
  • Idem beach and river gems, we are only one company bring to this locations.
  • Refreshing on pristine clear river water come from mountains 
  • Natural wonder locations.
  • Exhilarating and fun tour 

What To Expect

Start Point of Tour

Whole  Foods Supermarket located on 70 E Kaahumanu Av Kahului 96733

On board at all customers recibe magical musical instrument and 1,2,3 the music goes and sing.  As the tunes of the music blast away, we beginning the most adventures and craziest tour you’ve ever been in your life.

On drive we go to meet Prince Beach (Malakua Beach), on the ride you enjoy views and siluetee of magnificent Haleakala Volcano, also can see Kaolawave Island and Molokini crater on the ocean. 

Be ready to reach Prince Beach (Malakua Beach), our tour guide provide to you our exclusive pristine Safety Underwater Scooter also teach to you how to use and operated. Battery duration 40 MINUTES. You’ll enjoy and feel the fresh warm ocean waters. You’ll fill breathtaking with the ocean views and west Maui Mountains, the ocean flat and remain on calm. Time duration one hour 30 minutes 1:30 minutes. 

On ride 1,2, 3 music again goes on and we go Kepaniwai garden and rivers and be ready for hike and prepare to meet beautiful green fresh rain forest and roll coaster mountains under the blossom of Blue berries and guava trees, reach the IAO Needle a natural monolithic monument and historic place was a famous battle and meet rivers. 

Go to refresh on pristine river pound on clear and clean water coming down from the mountains and walk around of immigrants gardens a historic location. Enjoy the info our tour guide share with you about the history.

Get ready to lose your breath to the astonishing scenery that exits along the hike path. Ever be on hike with so much fun and interaction? No? Then get ready for a first time mind blowing experience on this tour!  Take your snacks protein bar coffee ice tea chips under the blossom of beautiful trees and listen river smooth and relax sounds. 

Duration: 1 Hour and 45 Minutes 

One the hiking and refresh on river ponds, and e return to vehicle and come back to departure point.

Let us experience this fun amazing synonymous with happy souls who love to life to the fullest and void of every worries of life. This is a special tour for special full- loving Adventures people that likes fill your Soul! And young at heart!

 Explore Maui Island in comfort and style with Maui Fantastic Tours! 

Adventures that fill your Soul! 

Explore Maui Island in comfort and style!


We would be providing well sanitized percussion instruments, beach balls, beach chairs (one per customer and an umbrella for couple). Lunch, soda and some fresh cold water would also be available for the tour party. To take the fun a notch, there will be a portable speaker of about 200 watts power and a portable microphone with which everyone can showcase their singing prowess. Let us experience the crazy fun that is synonymous with happy souls who love to live life to the fullest and void of every worries of life. This is a special tour for special fun-loving souls!