Welcome to Maui Fantastic Tour, a privately owned and operated local company that offers Exclusive Private Tours and VIP Services with optimum satisfaction guaranteed. Every tour is specially designed to suite your needs and it's specially made private for you and your group. We don't share them with other individuals or groups.

The Island of "Maui" is well known to home clusters of monumental sceneries, from the dormant volcanoes to the breathtaking landscapes. It is a wonder to behold, from the lustered beaches to rolling hills.

We offer to you the famous Road to Hana. Join us on this Eco Adventure tour, and enjoy the radiance of rainforest all around you, with amazing waterfalls where you can unwind and swim in the cool pools around the waterfalls. The lustered pristine beaches, spectacular Maui View, the extended shorelines, and the rare black sand beach are just few of the spectacular sceneries in the Road to Hana. You will also get to see the popular Majestic Dormant Volcano of over 10,000ft at the country side.

As you enjoy your ride you will get to see cows, horses, goats, ranch and chicken everywhere. The landscapes are breathtakingly high. When standing on any of the high mountains you get a bird's eye view to the coastline and beyond, and when you walk into the Volcano crater, you will get to see its different shapes and colors including its blue vault. A tour to Maui is an unforgettable experience with a lot to learn.

At Maui Fantastic Tour, we guide you with confidence and knowledge of the area of your tour, taking you to magnificent locations and sites where you can experience nature in his fullness.

Maui offers you the chance to unwind and rejuvenate. Our tour guides afford you the opportunity to experience and savor every moment of the beauty and splendor of Maui. Your tour satisfaction is our primary goal. So welcome and feel free to choose any tour package.

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