Black Sand Beach and Lava Tubes

Have you ever been to a beach with a weird feature? Well, you definitely have not see any like Honokalani. Honokalani is the very popular black sand beach found in the Waianapanapa State Park in Maui. This park is located at the East of the Island, just few miles away from Hana.

The black sand beach is up to 122 acres large, and it is said to occupy a very important part of the Hawaiian history. The sacred land Is made up of lava caves, stone arches, the biggest temple in Hawaii, blow holes and many other amazing features. It was created by settled lava, which had settled and hardened, then broken into tiny bits by the recurring impact of the oceans waves. It is said that this has happened for many centuries, and the lava has become various textures of black colored sand.

The lava tubes are also a sight to see on the road to Hana! If you would be visiting, then make sure you do not wear shoes that do not have grip, because the floors are quite slippery. The lava tubes were create almost a century ago when lava flow towards the ocean underground. The top of the lava solidified, whilst the flow continued beneath the solid top. When the lava stopped flowing, the space underneath the solid top became tunnels, hence the lava tubes. There are lots of them across Maui and around the black sand beach.

The lava tubes are usually around 66 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit regardless of what season it is. Surprisingly, and unlike most of the caves that you might have seen, there is not a single bat in the cave.

You might not be able to experience all that there is to enjoy in Maui at once, but the black sand beach and the lava tubes are places that you do not want to be told of.

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